Hi !

I'm Jean-Baptiste Durand
A UX Designer from France passionate about giving life to web interfaces, engaging social games and...
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Working close to users' needs

Working in digital agencies has given me experience on a number of subjects:
Concept & Strategy, User experience, E-commerce optimisation, Fonctionnal specifications, Project management and much more.

And guess what ?

I have worked with awesome clients on various kinds of projects:

Corporate websites, tablet and mobile apps, mobile e-commerce and (...my favorite) responsive webdesign

Wanna see ?
That's not all...

Interested in Gamification

I've been watching the gamification industry emerging for a few years now, and have even started my own social-game project as a personal hobby. Game mechanics appeal to me, and as a UX designer I'm constantly trying to create more engaging interfaces and improve user loyalty using gamification.

And now it's...

Time for a professional change !

I'm currently looking for opportunities worldwide to progress in my career. If you just want to say hello or request more information about my experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.